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Website Promotion – The Magic of RSS Feeds – Easily Attract Visitors to Your Site

Up to a few years ago there were really only a couple of ways to promote your website successfully, link directories and requesting backlinks from other website owners. There was some mileage to be gained from article marketing but no one was really using it to its full potential.

Over the past few years more methods have appeared and been developed into efficient site promotion methods. The first of these was the infamous blog and ping method which basically consisted of adding a link to a blog and allowing the blog to ping various sites such as PingGoat and Technorati. This was sure to bring a load of website spiders to your site. Unfortunately this method was abused to the point that it was no longer effective.

Blog and ping was largely ignored once people realised that social bookmarking was a useful way of getting backlinks to your site. However the dreaded “No Follow” rule has taken some of the shine off this method although social bookmarking should not be overlooked.

Article marketing has been and always will be the primary free method of attracting visitors to your site. Article marketing benefits everyone , author, writer and article directory. It is a classic symbiotic relationship. Until now this type of relationship has been rare but that has changed and now RSS Feeds offer the same kind of mutual benefit.

RSS Feeds are the latest method that seems to be working extremely well. This is done by submitting your rss feeds to RSS feed aggregation sites. From there they are distributed to various people’s sites giving you both backlinks and actual visitors.

Without a doubt RSS submissions are set to be with us for a long time as everyone benefits just like with Article Marketing. The publisher has his feeds distributed and attracts visitors and backlinks. The person who places the feeds on his or her site gets free content and the aggregator site gets visitors and recognition and has the opportunity to make money. And if you don’t think there is money in RSS Feeds, Feedburner was bought for $100 million by Google.

If you are not submitting your feeds you are missing out on a very simple and very effective method of driving traffic to your sites.

How to Start a Home Based Business to Earn Cash Online

Opportunities for starting a home based business are practically unlimited. A multitude of ways to make money online is available, with a minimal amount of time and expense. Even if you lack experience in starting a home based business, that is not a major concern. Simply because there are plenty of programs that make it easy for you to start. The first step is to choose a topic for your business; you can then decide which format of website you would like to use. Starting a home based business is easier by simply choosing a template setup that minimizes your workload.To begin your home based business; you will need to choose a good topic that you have an interest in. The best topic is one that is easy for you to maintain, without spending time in researching about the subject. Once you select a comfortable subject, you can narrow it down to a more refined topic. For example, if you choose household pets as your topic, you could be more specific by selecting cats, and narrow it even further to a special breed of cat.The next step is monetizing your home based business site. Although it may seem confusing at first, businesses are constantly looking for related websites to showcase their products and services. Your blog or website can earn easy cash from these desperate companies who need you to promote their business.Starting a home based business and placing ads on your site makes it possible to earn easy cash and make extra money. In addition, you will become recognized as an authority in your business as more visitors and traffic flows to your site. By finding related advertisers, you are now on your way to starting a home based business that serves the public with a need for information, serves the businesses that need to get their products to the public, and serves your needs to make money.However, the secret to making the most money from your home based business is to learn from the masters! In order to reduce your learning curve and make money quickly, you need to follow the examples of successful Internet Marketers. Learning to do it all on your own will take months, and that is why it is recommended you learn the shortcuts from experienced Internet Marketers. After all, in any venture or business, it is the best strategy to follow the examples of those who have succeeded. You will find by investing a small amount of time and money in an eBooks or educational program will save you a load of frustration in the long run.The easiest way to start a home based business that is successful is to purchase a program, system, or eBook that guides you through the process. The first place to start is to read reviews written by credible websites. If you are not sure about something, email the review site or marketer. You can easily put your trust in the successful Internet Marketers because their names are well known and their reputation is at stake.